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A touch of glassJanice Osborne, Glass Artist

Janice, who lives in La Quinta, started her career in Glass in the late 70’s doing stained glass, windows, doors, lamps chandeliers and even room dividers.  About ten years ago she decided to broaden her glass knowledge using the kiln to fuse and manipulate glass.  Each piece is hand crafted and takes several days to make with multiple firings. Today she is enjoying making her jewelry from glass she designs herself and her standing glass cats, dogs, wind chimes and the “Galaxy of Colors” Wall hangings are all made to decorate your home and hopefully, put a smile on your face.

A touch of glassAlana Marston

Alana's background is in Ceramics and Fine Jewelry with a education in fashion merchandising and interior design. Her passion since 2009 has been in glass fusing and assemblage art / mixed media. She also enjoys instructing. 

Patricia Paz-Altschul

Patricia has been designing, teaching, and making jewelry professionally for over twenty years now. "Every morning I wake up and can't wait to get started on the projects of the day." Paz-Altschul shares. "Its not work; it's just a part of my world."

Michael Hernandez

Michael Angelo is an original artist. His passion is music and his love is art. He hopes to inspire many children in the years to come. He has found an origidnal style to express strong feelings and emotions using a unique application using raw materials such as sealer pigments. This special technique is used to achieve an Old World look because these products have been proven to withstand both time and the elements of nature.

Susan Jittlov

Susan Jittlov has been creating and designing hand crafts for many years. She began fashioning jewelry with beads and stone in 2007 and advanced to her master level bead weaving. Making jewelry with beads, stone, and Swarovski crystals has become a passion for her and she finds her creativity flows while beading with distinctive textures and diverse colors. She has an interest in ancient civilizations and environmental history which is reflected in many of her jewelry pieces including ancient Egypt and the Renaissance period.

Jeni Bate

Jeni has been painting since 2001 and has been specializing in skyscapes since 2006. Using a variety of media, including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixing the latter of the two with a collaging technique she calls 'refractured watercolor', and including poetry (she has written poetry since the age of 7), she says "I paint the skies with peace and passion, because that's the way they paint me."

Kathy Schowe

Former pro golfer and currently a Realtor, Kathy specializes in iPad art created directly on the iPad and then reproduced on gallery wrapped canvas. She also creates Luxury Note Cards, Decorative Pillows, Aprons, and her new Kathy’s Kitchen Cookbook. Kathy has lived in the desert for over 25 years and loves living the desert life!

Joan FitzGibbon

I have always needed to express my creativity, from painting in oils and watercolor, making quilts and for the last 20 years working with metal, beads and wire creating mixed metal jewelry. A few years ago I was introduced to enameling and since retiring and moving to the desert full time, you can usually find me in my home studio with my torch or kiln creating jewelry from vitreous glass enamel.

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