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A touch of glassJanice Osborne, Glass Artist

Janice, who lives in La Quinta, started her career in Glass in the late 70’s doing stained glass, windows, doors, lamps chandeliers and even room dividers.  About ten years ago she decided to broaden her glass knowledge using the kiln to fuse and manipulate glass.  Each piece is hand crafted and takes several days to make with multiple firings. Today she is enjoying making her jewelry from glass she designs herself and her standing glass cats, dogs, wind chimes and the “Galaxy of Colors” Wall hangings are all made to decorate your home and hopefully, put a smile on your face.

A touch of glassAlana Marston

Alana's background is in Ceramics and Fine Jewelry with a education in fashion merchandising and interior design. Her passion since 2009 has been in glass fusing and assemblage art / mixed media. She also enjoys instructing. 

Lynn Centeno

Lynn Centeno is a watercolorist whose art reflects figurative paintings and impressionistic portratitures. Art and design have always been my passions, I only learned to paint once i retired and moved to the desert, and continue to further my education in this medium. I belong to the Coachella Watercolor Society and recently co-founded “Outside the Lines”, a women’s based support group for artists in La Quinta.

Patricia Paz-Altschul

Patricia has been designing, teaching, and making jewelry professionally for over twenty years now. "Every morning I wake up and can't wait to get started on the projects of the day." Paz-Altschul shares. "Its not work; it's just a part of my world."

Debra Sawicky

I was going to conquer the world, but got distracted by something sparkly... My passion for designing jewelry using semi-precious stones emerged after receiving a B.A. in Art and Interior Design. Whether transforming interiors or creating unique designs with colorful beads, textural stones and metals, I am grateful to share my creative expression with the community.

Marilee Friedrich

Marilee collects pieces which she considers to be treasures! Using unexpected combinations of vintage, new, rustic and ornate, she decorates bottles with architectural elements, jewelry, religious icons, salvage metal, crystals and more. Each bottle is one of a kind.

Marylou Falstreau

Marylou Falstreau is a mixed media artist whose primary focus is her line of inspirational cards and prints designed especially for women. The idea for the “Women and the Hourglass” series came in a dream and now four years later, there are more than 45 images finding their way across the country. Her many years as an artist and workshop leader have been distilled in to this one creation that is linking her to a beautiful community of women.

Michael Hernandez

Michael Angelo is an original artist. His passion is music and his love is art. He hopes to inspire many children in the years to come. He has found an origidnal style to express strong feelings and emotions using a unique application using raw materials such as sealer pigments. This special technique is used to achieve an Old World look because these products have been proven to withstand both time and the elements of nature.

Cheyenne Hernandez

Curator Cheyenne Hernandez is from La Quinta, Ca. Her passion is traveling and promoting her one of a kind African glass bracelets, a must have La Quinta shopping bag! And her one of a kind La Quinta paper weight! The perfect gifts!

Lisa DeFaccio

Each of Lisa DeFaccio’s "Fleurs" is a unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind, numbered, ceramic sculptural form. They are created in a studio set in a bountiful flower garden overlooking the water on an island in Puget Sound. She has been working as a ceramics artist since 1982 when she took her first classes as a requirement for an art degree and fell in love with clay as a medium of expression. Initially, her inspiration for Fleurs came from paintings of flowers and bones by Georgia O’Keefe and the challenge of representing motion and life force through the essentially still, solid medium of clay became an objective in developing the Fleurs series.

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